Chronicles of that Lively Loner| Loosing It

“I feel like am changing,like my soul is crying.I feel like am loosing it,loosing myself; all of it. I’m tired of this role,can’t wait to take my run.To wake from this dream, which I initially dared not dream.”

          Anytime I sleep and wake up, I check my phone. If I stay away from the school portal for a while, I find my way back to the portal to check.  I cook a little, I check. I go to the market, come back and check. I do these things…. EVERYDAY. As far as my battery is charged, I do them. Each time I click on that portal, I pray a silent prayer in my heart; ” Let the list be out…Amen” Yet, each time I check, I see nothing. That silent prayer has become the only prayer I say in a day. It’s sad to say, but I lost the praying vibe. I’m just here. Whatever will be, will be. God knows all, let Him keep doing this thing.



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