School since  the start of this semester, hasn’t been a picnic. Lectures had kicked off with such  seriousness, that those that resumed four to five days later, had lots of notes and topics to cover. I hardly say morning prayers.The whole of my faculty freshmen were merged with those of the faculty of  medical sciences and the little lecture theatre became  super stuffy. So, I have to scurry out of the hostel each morning, just to be able to sit at the front.

Indeed, school has turned into a busytown. Lectures are  busier than it was last semester and seemingly tougher. We are offering this Bio-practical course that has everything to do with loads and even more loads of drawings. Okay, let’s get things straightened out. I am quite sketchy and before I resumed this semester, I resolved to sharpen my really rustic drawing skills, and now, with all these drawings, I guess I am meant to be happy and maybe even grateful, but I’m not. Why? This isn’t drawing for fun, it’s drawing for marks. Plus, I’m  not drawing what I like (I like imaginative and human drawing). So it’s not fun, it’s annoying; very-very. I had started waking earlier than normal so as to watch some tutorials online and also practice drawing, but then I discovered that I was always browsing about drawing  and or art-related things, even when in class receiving lectures. I had to take a chill pill, relax and plan myself well. Set my priorities right, and be sure of what I wanted. 

Anyways; no matter how busy your school might get,just hear me out :” We gon’ conqeur busytown!” Yeah!!


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