When happiness flows from within.

Happiness can be gotten from a couple of things, say; a day well spent, good results,when your club wins a competition, hanging out with friends, dancing, singing and watching nature. But how can true happiness be achieved?

True happiness, is that kind of happiness that flows from within.Its not exactly triggered by anything but LOVE. It radiates from the inside and gives one a glowing appearance. It makes one feel liberated and free🙌. Yes, that is true happiness. Happiness that brings only awesome memories and sweet smile to your cheeks. 

I experienced this kind of happiness when I started loving God. I started seeing everyone as God’s beautiful object of love, every wind and every rain, every sunshine and every moonlight, every tree and every flower, every sound of every bird, every pure little smile or laughter, every color and every tribe. I saw them all, as God’s lovely sense of taste. 

God isn’t a boring artist. Imagine what it would look like, if the entire human race had the same; body shape, hair color, height, skin color, culture, dressing, body weight, facials, or, if all  plants bore the same fruits and the same flowers😏. Trust me it would have been quite boring. We all would have been like every other person. But God is good at his job. Variety is the taste of life. His amazing handwork thrills my inside, so that when I recall how beautifully and awesomely unique he has made everyone of us, I imagine the smile on his face and the love in his heart while he molded me.

Loving God is true Happiness!🙌🙌


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