The Rains 

#mobilephotography #raindrops


I didn’t mean to jump in from nowhere, it’s just that the rains has  so beautifully given these leaves a particular, special kind of ZING!. It’s almost inexpressible but I’ll try to express that feeling. It’s a feeling of brightness, of life and of resurrection. These same leaves are leaves I passed everyday on my way out to class, everyday! But since the rains came, there’s been a reawakening; a vibrance that followed them. They seem to have gotten greener and also glitter when a little ray of sunshine settles on them. The water droplets on them glitter like pure crystal. Today as I woke up, I had to first peep through my window and smile. They were there again, the glowing leaves😄. I felt revitalised and at the same time,  amazed at how simple works of nature, can give one the energy to glow throughout a whole day. Nature is where it all began.

💕Love Nature💕


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  1. I see a beautiful picture of nature and I can’t stop ooing and awwing 😊. I love those pictures… I’m not in good terms with the rain tho😉 , but I love what it does to nature. You, my dear, captured all that. Keep up with the good works.

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