Happy Father’s Day Mum!

Yesterday was Father’s Day but I didn’t want to make a casual ‘Father’s Day’ post, so I waited till today. Before I start though, I’m writing this post out of pure love and admiration not to draw pity. Oh, God knows I hate getting those pity faces for myself.

Now, down to the business.

It’s been five years since my dad passed away but God’s been keeping us and my mum has been super hardworking to make sure everything we needed were made available. My back-to-school list never changed, and our wants was never ending but yet, she never forgot to buy things we needed and even more. She bought even the ones we forgot to add to the list. A mother of four, yet she seems to know all those things we need and even help us to set our priorities right. Over the years, she has turned out to be my dad; my mum and my dad and I’m so proud of her. She believes  so much in us, that we are unstoppable and can achieve anything we set our minds to . She never fails to wake early and pray for each one of us. We were just in secondary and primary schools when Dad died, but now, two of us are in the tertiaries while the remaining two are in secondary schools. We’re growing and so are our needs, wants, and even distance from home.

Nevertheless, I still feel amazed at how mum manages to pull everyone along, without much hitches. I know she doesn’t find it exactly easy, but she never acts it. Always smiling and dancing though she can’t really dance😄. She never complains about our unending lists and  never stops giving out generously to people who are in need. She just doesn’t know how to say no to someone in need. She doesn’t have all the money in the world, but she gives like the richest. I can remember when I and my brother usually told her not to give too much money to people because most time, they don’t pay back. I finally grew to understand that  her generosity is paying off heavily and that’s why we’ve never lacked. Never! The saying “Givers never lack” is very evident in our lives. 

I love my mum and my dad, but today and always, I’ll keep wishing my mum a happy Father’s Day because in fact, what some mothers, fathers, and even two parents put together can’t do, my mum does pretty well and with a wide smile.😊😊

💝 Love You Mum!💝


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