Triple Examination.

It’s been a while since I wrote here. I’m so sorry, I’ve been writing  exams. Hope you guys understand.๐Ÿ˜Š

Well, last semester and this, has really kept me and my friends on our toes. Why?  Our freshman year is actually an assessment of our capability to move over to college of Medicine. In my faculty, there’s a “fail and repeat” policy which many students dreaded a lot, including myself. That fear nearly disorganized me during first semester. I was so scared of repeating my first year in the university, scared of not moving to college of medicine with my mates, scared of disappointing my mom. In fact, I was scared of things that might never even be. 

Immediately I resumed school, I got lots of materials from my classmates and started reading dutifully. I attended every class and did all my assignments. When I wrote the exams I was confident that I would pass, but to be honest, I did study, but I wasn’t exactly reading right. I almost neglected the power of past questions. The fact will always remain that; no matter how the textbooks explain things, the examination will always be tougher. It takes practicing with the questions of the previous years, to get acquainted with the model of questions  asked, and to get into the head of your lecturers,as to give exactly what is required of you without unnecessary stories.

This semester however, I was ready to study hard and study right. Things weren’t exactly good with the lectures, so many things changed and coming to class became quite annoying. The lecturers came very late, and I could barely hear most of them. Sometimes, they come 20mins to the end of the class, when many people must have already left. It was just sad. 

Any hoo, I knew I had to fight for my grades. I got  the “course outlines” of the courses I offered and studied them. This time, I got past questions too ๐Ÿ˜‰. Studying wasn’t very easy, reading everything by myself, even when I wasn’t in the mood. But I did it still. The exams was fine except one during which I had an issue inside the hall. I had come into the hall with my calculator but someone mistakenly took it and left me frustrated. Firstly, I don’t like to turn around during exams, secondly, I have this “No Cheating No Matter What” principle. For some seconds, I was stuck.

As I stared at the big figures I was yet to calculate, staring back at me from the screen, and my time which was fast ticking, tears dropped freely from my eyes. For the first time, I realised that my effort could be so meaningless without that calculator. Also, I thought to myself “Maybe God wants to know if I’d cheat in this exam” so I didn’t. One very important thing I didn’t remember then however, was that God allow things to happen to display his glory. At that moment, I could only mutter “Oh God!” as I battled with the tears so I could see the screen. I decided to go over to the theory questions first, while I waited for my neighbour to give me her calculator. 

I just wanted to bring out something very important from my story. When in trouble, don’t sit and cry or  blame people. Take responsibility, figure out what to do and never forget to involve God. Saying a short,  genuine prayer of faith could have changed so many things in my story, instead I cried. God don’t want to see our tears, he wants to see our Faith.

 In my opinion, God examined my trust and dependence on him inside the examination hall and in as much I trusted him, I failed at that point.

Have there been times where you got  tested on your faith or principles? Did you overcome? How did you face your test?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions. ๐Ÿ˜ƒโค


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  1. Faith is a simple thing that always seems to elude us. Reasoning beclouds us instead and fills us with doubt. Faith is TOTAL confidence in God but we feel like we can help our situation. Oh well, sometimes I have total confidence in God but most times, I fail woefully. Of course, God always comes to my rescue because he’s faithful

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  2. During examinations, my faith has been tested for sure. Especially when the seat arrangements is such that a friend is sitting close, which is just terrible cause you would not want to say no. I’ve bent a few times because I just wanted this friend in question to back off before the examiner noticed anything. I just put my head down, and for as long as I’m writing, I become dumb. The course I’m currently doing now…there’s no friend that can let me bend because it can cost me all the years I’ve worked for in that school. J

    And yeahhh past questions are so important. If lecturers don’t repeat that the way it was in previous years, the twist it the other way. It was past questions that saved me last semester. To think it was the last material I decided to read…

    By the way, if you do not mind what school do you attend?

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