In My Head

​I talk a lot, but I talk much more inside my head than I do verbally. It's quite crappy and noisey and savage and too brilliant all at the same time. So I laugh so hard, sometimes; when nothing  funny is said or done. Just know I'm probably laughing at a joke my mind  cracked... Continue Reading →


Give Me Love

I've made friends who aren't "Good". I've been with a couple of people with certain characters.  Our parents tell us the criteria for making good friends;  People who do not use foul language, godly people, people with healthy lifestyle. The problem with these criteria however, is that they're gray and boring. When we strictly follow... Continue Reading →

Purple Valentine!

Source I just typed the words 'Purple Valentine' and had to pause and wonder for a little while, if there's anything like Purple Valentine. Valentine for decades, have had a symbolic red colour. But then again, Purple Valentine reminds me of Chimamanda Adichie's 'Purple Hibiscus'. Hibiscuses also have a dominant red colour. Why did she... Continue Reading →

Bloom, my pretty one.

The flowers started blooming alot lately, I started thinking that maybe, just maybe we're experiencing "Spring" in Nigeria😀 Dont mind me, we are not. This particular tree however was just so pretty. The site where it is located, is a bit inside. I was able to take some good pictures of it though(using my phone... Continue Reading →

The Earpiece

She talked and talked. Saying so many things we should do. Time and again, Beth was tempted to reach for it. He gently slid his hands down into his pocket, Searched for it with his fingers and held it. He was almost getting tired of her bullcrap. Telling him things he should or should not... Continue Reading →

Ghost town

Hello lovely people! I've been scarce. To be honest, I actually forgot I owned a blog. Busytown been wan turn me into something. I'm yet to give that "something" a befitting name😏. Well, UNEC. One thing has remained constant amidst the changes I've noticed in UNEC ; they're very prayerful people. I rarely go outside... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year?

So, we finally crawled into the all screaming new year!.  Everyone has been talking a lot about 2018; making resolutions, having huge expectations, making wish lists and anticipating a greater experience. It's good. Very good. What the hell is my problem? Today is a new day. We often forget that part, that is my problem.... Continue Reading →


Hello guys! I know I've been out of WordPress for some time and if you're mad at me, then I totally support your rage. I have a lot of things I'd love to talk to you about, things that has been going on with me. I don't know if I'm going to say it all... Continue Reading →


When those tears build up  and you get very emotional,  CRY.  Cry very well and cleanse your soul. Take a deep breath,  remember God is always there. Smile genuinely  and let love fill your lungs with every air you breathe,  Because it's God's free gift to you; His gift of love. Don't forget lastly; He... Continue Reading →

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