Chronicles of that Lively Loner

13/8/014 Writing my post UTME(University Tertiary Matriculation Examination) was one of my best moments, but it turned out like this: I went to check my result today and guess what? I failed WOEFULLY. I've not really recorded a double failure as this in my life, but I guess the world just pinched me so I... Continue Reading →


When happiness flows from within.

Happiness can be gotten from a couple of things, say; a day well spent, good results,when your club wins a competition, hanging out with friends, dancing, singing and watching nature. But how can true happiness be achieved? True happiness, is that kind of happiness that flows from within.Its not exactly triggered by anything but LOVE.... Continue Reading →

Just a Thought

When you get to thinking that other guy is so bad he doesn’t deserve grace? Remember this Neither did you Source: Just a Thought


School since  the start of this semester, hasn't been a picnic. Lectures had kicked off with such  seriousness, that those that resumed four to five days later, had lots of notes and topics to cover. I hardly say morning prayers.The whole of my faculty freshmen were merged with those of the faculty of  medical sciences... Continue Reading →

God’s Love

Love is as strong as death. Many waters cannot quench love, rivers cannot wash it away.(Song of songs 8:6a&7) I love God and I can only express it by obeying his commands, making him happy with shouts of joy and songs of praise. The joy of the Lord is my strength. I love you LORD,... Continue Reading →

Chronicles of that Lively Loner

"I feel like am changing,like my soul is crying.I feel like am loosing it,loosing myself; all of it. I'm tired of this role,can't wait to take my run.To wake from this dream, which I initially dared not dream."           Anytime I sleep and wake up, I check my phone. If I... Continue Reading →

Mounds of Imaginations

Our hearts hold mounds of imaginations, both seeming impossibilities and possibilities as well, but we have a choice. A choice to make the impossible, possible; to believe in ourselves and make our imaginations TOUCHABLE. Or to gradually allow our world to dictate what is and is not, what is meant to be or not meant... Continue Reading →

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