School since  the start of this semester, hasn’t been a picnic. Lectures had kicked off with such  seriousness, that those that resumed four to five days later, had lots of notes and topics to cover. I hardly say morning prayers.The whole of my faculty freshmen were merged with those of the faculty of  medical sciences and the little lecture theatre became  super stuffy. So, I have to scurry out of the hostel each morning, just to be able to sit at the front.

Indeed, school has turned into a busytown. Lectures are  busier than it was last semester and seemingly tougher. We are offering this Bio-practical course that has everything to do with loads and even more loads of drawings. Okay, let’s get things straightened out. I am quite sketchy and before I resumed this semester, I resolved to sharpen my really rustic drawing skills, and now, with all these drawings, I guess I am meant to be happy and maybe even grateful, but I’m not. Why? This isn’t drawing for fun, it’s drawing for marks. Plus, I’m  not drawing what I like (I like imaginative and human drawing). So it’s not fun, it’s annoying; very-very. I had started waking earlier than normal so as to watch some tutorials online and also practice drawing, but then I discovered that I was always browsing about drawing  and or art-related things, even when in class receiving lectures. I had to take a chill pill, relax and plan myself well. Set my priorities right, and be sure of what I wanted. 

Anyways; no matter how busy your school might get,just hear me out :” We gon’ conqeur busytown!” Yeah!!

God’s Love

Love is as strong as death. Many waters cannot quench love, rivers cannot wash it away.(Song of songs 8:6a&7)

I love God and I can only express it by obeying his commands, making him happy with shouts of joy and songs of praise. The joy of the Lord is my strength.

I love you LORD, your love is better than life.Your love keeps on amazing me. It fills my heart with joy overflow, it gives me this feeling of oneness with you, this completeness, a feeling that nothing else matters as far as I have you with me. It gives me that sweet sensation that runs my heart in an unusual manner and brings that sweet smile to my cheeks. 

Your love. Your love is sweeter than the sweetest thing in life. Your love liberates me. It makes me feel special. May I never forget your love!. May I never forget or neglect the sweetness of your love for anyother. I Love You!

Chronicles of that Lively Loner

Whoo-hoo! It’s just me, myself and I, so I’ll ride on till I die, cause I gat me for life Whoo-hoo! I don’t need  hand to hold, even when the night is cold, I gat that fire in my soul…whoo!

Chronicles of that Lively Loner

“I feel like am changing,like my soul is crying.I feel like am loosing it,loosing myself; all of it. I’m tired of this role,can’t wait to take my run.To wake from this dream, which I initially dared not dream.”

          Anytime I sleep and wake up, I check my phone. If I stay away from the school portal for a while, I find my way back to the portal to check.  I cook a little, I check. I go to the market, come back and check. I do these things…. EVERYDAY. As far as my battery is charged, I do them. Each time I click on that portal, I pray a silent prayer in my heart; ” Let the list be out…Amen” Yet, each time I check, I see nothing. That silent prayer has become the only prayer I say in a day. It’s sad to say, but I lost the praying vibe. I’m just here. Whatever will be, will be. God knows all, let Him keep doing this thing.


Mounds of Imaginations

Our hearts hold mounds of imaginations, both seeming impossibilities and possibilities as well, but we have a choice. A choice to make the impossible, possible; to believe in ourselves and make our imaginations TOUCHABLE. Or to gradually allow our world to dictate what is and is not, what is meant to be or not meant to be. We have a choice to pull our toolbox to our sides and make that dream come true, or let the toolbox rust at the junkyard while we stick to the status quo. A choice to question, ammend and or refine our world. A choice to be creative, using all of our tools. And when the tools are finished, to turn the box upside down and use it  as a display stand. To show the world how the possibility of what was thought impossible could change our lives.

.We. Have. A. Choice.

Hey! Welcome to my site.

Hello guys!

Welcome to my blog site.

My name is Agba Chioma. A  blogger and  medical laboratory science freshman at University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Yea, I just got enrolled in 2016, and I  had a tough one trying to get into the university. But I finally did! 

So here I am, ready to tell my story as to inspire someone that might be going through the same things I went through…or worse. Also, I’m here to tell your story too; my story, your story, every story. I do love stories, mainly because there is always a lesson to learn from each one of them. That said, I look forward to sharing our stories and learning  together. 

Let’s have a great time shall we? 

Yay!! Cheers!

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