Hey! Welcome to my site.

Hello guys!

Welcome to my blog site.

My name is Agba Chioma. A  blogger and  medical laboratory science freshman at University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Yea, I just got enrolled in 2016, and I  had a tough one trying to get into the university. But I finally did! 

So here I am, ready to tell my story as to inspire someone that might be going through the same things I went through…or worse. Also, I’m here to tell your story too; my story, your story, every story. I do love stories, mainly because there is always a lesson to learn from each one of them. That said, I look forward to sharing our stories and learning  together. 

Let’s have a great time shall we? 

Yay!! Cheers!

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Edible paints: KALABASA

Honestly, I’m yet to understand the most fascinating thing about Kalabasa’s very unique cakes. I’m a huge art lover, a big time creativity activist( yea! I made that up) and a lover of any sweet food. 

Basically , am not  a foodie am more of a junkie, but I got everything I wanted in one piece of cake. At first, I thought they were  wood carvings until I looked again. They are actually cakes! Real life cakes! They look so yummy and artistic. The paint stroke icing is just everything breathtaking. 

From now on, it’s official;  I love Kalabasa! Please visit the link and see the real deal.  

Bold Strokes – http://wp.me/s4o6Pl-kalabasa

Inner battle : Missing Dad?

I’ve witnessed Cancer’s strong sting on several occasions. I lost my god-mother to breast cancer, my friend’s mum to ovarian cancer and my dad to colon cancer. Well, I don’t like talking about my dad. I just don’t like talking about him. I try to remain strong by not remembering the good times we had together; I and dad. The thing is that just like Dorner said, missing someone is another way of remembering that person. I don’t miss dad. I honestly don’t and I think it’s weird.

However, each time I got across a bridge or did something really remarkable, I still felt and saw the smile and happiness on his face as if he were there. At a point, I started feeling bad for not missing him, or not missing him enough. I felt bad that I  only felt him around me when I made mum proud. Mum even feels it too because she always goes like; “Your dad would have been so proud of you if he were here”. 

After I analysed why I don’t miss  dad, I discovered that I still blame him. For not telling us he had cancer, for not  getting treatment, for not considering how bad we would feel if he left, for not having faith to the end. He always taught us to have faith, why didn’t he have faith to the end? Why? I blamed him for all  that and I ended up not feeling sorry. I felt he was just selfish. He probably thought only about himself; the pains he was feeling and felt ” Okay, I guess I can’t do this no more, I just have to go”. Selfish dad! He didn’t know his pain was “our” pain.Mum always cried and prayed that he got better as he went down everyday. Yet, he insisted  nothing serious was wrong  with him. He started keeping check of everything, everyday. Trying to make everyday count; his last days on this pitifully painful journey. Mum found out he had cancer a day before he died. The rest of the family found out after he already died. 

I don’t feel sorry for not missing dad. I don’t want to go back to the past. I love the way I feel happy to know he’d be saying “That’s my daughter!”if he were here. 

To me, that’s enough. To me that was what he wished for; to watch us from afar. To me, his wish was being fulfilled. To me that’s the much I can do for him. To me, I still love him and I still miss him and I would never  get over his death completely.  To me, he’s been and is always here.

“This one’s for you and me, living out our dreams
We’re all right where we should be
With my arms out wide I open my eyes
And now all I wanna see
Is a sky full of lighters
A sky full of lighters”.  -Eminem Lighter ft Bruno Mars

Happy Father’s Day Mum!

Yesterday was Father’s Day but I didn’t want to make a casual ‘Father’s Day’ post, so I waited till today. Before I start though, I’m writing this post out of pure love and admiration not to draw pity. Oh, God knows I hate getting those pity faces for myself.

Now, down to the business.

It’s been five years since my dad passed away but God’s been keeping us and my mum has been super hardworking to make sure everything we needed were made available. My back-to-school list never changed, and our wants was never ending but yet, she never forgot to buy things we needed and even more. She bought even the ones we forgot to add to the list. A mother of four, yet she seems to know all those things we need and even help us to set our priorities right. Over the years, she has turned out to be my dad; my mum and my dad and I’m so proud of her. She believes  so much in us, that we are unstoppable and can achieve anything we set our minds to . She never fails to wake early and pray for each one of us. We were just in secondary and primary schools when Dad died, but now, two of us are in the tertiaries while the remaining two are in secondary schools. We’re growing and so are our needs, wants, and even distance from home.

Nevertheless, I still feel amazed at how mum manages to pull everyone along, without much hitches. I know she doesn’t find it exactly easy, but she never acts it. Always smiling and dancing though she can’t really dance😄. She never complains about our unending lists and  never stops giving out generously to people who are in need. She just doesn’t know how to say no to someone in need. She doesn’t have all the money in the world, but she gives like the richest. I can remember when I and my brother usually told her not to give too much money to people because most time, they don’t pay back. I finally grew to understand that  her generosity is paying off heavily and that’s why we’ve never lacked. Never! The saying “Givers never lack” is very evident in our lives. 

I love my mum and my dad, but today and always, I’ll keep wishing my mum a happy Father’s Day because in fact, what some mothers, fathers, and even two parents put together can’t do, my mum does pretty well and with a wide smile.😊😊

💝 Love You Mum!💝

The Rains 

#mobilephotography #raindrops


I didn’t mean to jump in from nowhere, it’s just that the rains has  so beautifully given these leaves a particular, special kind of ZING!. It’s almost inexpressible but I’ll try to express that feeling. It’s a feeling of brightness, of life and of resurrection. These same leaves are leaves I passed everyday on my way out to class, everyday! But since the rains came, there’s been a reawakening; a vibrance that followed them. They seem to have gotten greener and also glitter when a little ray of sunshine settles on them. The water droplets on them glitter like pure crystal. Today as I woke up, I had to first peep through my window and smile. They were there again, the glowing leaves😄. I felt revitalised and at the same time,  amazed at how simple works of nature, can give one the energy to glow throughout a whole day. Nature is where it all began.

💕Love Nature💕

Curry Leaves

A small boy came to my hostel to sell some vegetables and as he walked round, he announced his goods, “ugu, green scent leaf, water leaf, curry leaf”. He almost sang it like a song. My roommate wanted to buy some curry leaves for her stew and so, stopped the boy. After the boy had set his big tray on the floor and  was done unwinding the big plastic bag that held the vegetables from falling off the tray, he began searching for the curry leaves.

He picked the curry leaves first and put it back on the tray. He kept on struggling with the vegetables, trying to find the curry leaves, until I told him that the very first bundle he brought up was ‘the curry leaf’ he was looking for. Once again, he searched through the veggies but this time, with my roommate and they found it.I smiled. He obviously didn’t even know which was which, but he was sure that he was told to chant,” ugu, green scent leaf, water leaf, curry leaf” while going round hostels.

That event got me thinking about a lot of us today, especially youths. Often times, we follow the status quo without even thinking “why is it this way”. We also hear a lot of things which we get all muddled up in our minds so that we finally get to the point where we don’t even know “what is what” anymore. We complain about the government of the day, the society we live in, our not-so-good backgrounds, our parents, aunts, uncles, sibling, etc but not ourselves. Never ourselves.

The truth however, is that there’s a purpose, cooking in that dark background of yours. A purpose of evolution, of change, and of dream actualization and believe me, you have all of that curry leaves to add to the pot, if only you knew which was which. Yes, you can lighten up your world, you can spice up your life and make dreams a reality. Yes, you can.

So, get to work, sort out those curry leaves and keep them separate. Do same to other potentials inside of you(you’d need them sometime), and start adding to the cooking pot. Uh-huh, gently. 

See? I can already smell something nice coming up. Good job!👍 😉

🌿Happy spicing up your world😘😘

Chronicles of that Lively Loner

Writing my post UTME(University Tertiary Matriculation Examination) was one of my best moments, but it turned out like this: I went to check my result today and guess what? I failed WOEFULLY. I’ve not really recorded a double failure as this in my life, but I guess the world just pinched me so I can feel the real life. I used to think life was so fair and sweet, filled with dreams which you nurture and watch come true, but no, it’s not. It’s not the dreamland I’ve been living in. It’s a bed of thorns close to a flower garden. The fragrance from  the garden gets to the bed of thorns and I smell it, but it’s not the life I’m in, it’s just not. I was wrong all the while, believing my heart desires will come true with a little prayer and a little hard work. I was totally very wrong. I didn’t want to cry, I wanted to face my life squarely without even a tear. I wanted to be so brave, but it was like I was in a dark tunnel without water, food nor light.

    Unfortunately, I’m new to this environment, I can’t see in this dark tunnel, I can hardly breathe. All I do for now is cry out my eyeballs and watch those castles I built in the dreamland collapse terribly with no one to help me hold them back. I feel terrible so that, I was happy for the very first time, wishing for death. You won’t believe my score but it really is 110/400. “What a terrible score” you might say, but it’s more miserable for me that bears that score. Still, the simple fact I have to accept is that, “there are two eyes watching me”. But then, do I need to suffer so badly just to actualize my dream?

    You know, it’s just me. I’m the problem I have!. Life is not a dreamland where everything works perfectly, now I know, I guess I have to get used to the dark tunnel, the bed of thorns and make good use of every opportunity I see..without loosing hope?because its really hard to hold on. My comforter still knows the best. I’m so sorry for my mom, that’s all I can be to her. And for being a disgrace to my family, my bro’ in particular,” I’m so sorry”. He’s a brainiac, but I guess am just the very opposite of him. I feel like a great failure. And to my dad, each time I try making you proud, I just fail. 

    Although hope is not lost, because when there’s life, there’s hope, I still feel bad. I don’t think I’ll still be that cheerful and Lively at least for the time being. Don’t pity me dear, laugh at me so hard, so I can have the zeal to face life. Don’t give me your back to lean on either, I might again forget what lesson, life taught me. Leave me to stand, I might not start so well but I know someday I’ll stand, firmly rooted to the ground and sprout up greatly. I’m not in this alone, God’s gat my back.

    Thank you LORD for watching over me all these while, please smile at me for your joy is my Strength.😟

    When happiness flows from within.

    Happiness can be gotten from a couple of things, say; a day well spent, good results,when your club wins a competition, hanging out with friends, dancing, singing and watching nature. But how can true happiness be achieved?

    True happiness, is that kind of happiness that flows from within.Its not exactly triggered by anything but LOVE. It radiates from the inside and gives one a glowing appearance. It makes one feel liberated and free🙌. Yes, that is true happiness. Happiness that brings only awesome memories and sweet smile to your cheeks. 

    I experienced this kind of happiness when I started loving God. I started seeing everyone as God’s beautiful object of love, every wind and every rain, every sunshine and every moonlight, every tree and every flower, every sound of every bird, every pure little smile or laughter, every color and every tribe. I saw them all, as God’s lovely sense of taste. 

    God isn’t a boring artist. Imagine what it would look like, if the entire human race had the same; body shape, hair color, height, skin color, culture, dressing, body weight, facials, or, if all  plants bore the same fruits and the same flowers😏. Trust me it would have been quite boring. We all would have been like every other person. But God is good at his job. Variety is the taste of life. His amazing handwork thrills my inside, so that when I recall how beautifully and awesomely unique he has made everyone of us, I imagine the smile on his face and the love in his heart while he molded me.

    Loving God is true Happiness!🙌🙌


    School since  the start of this semester, hasn’t been a picnic. Lectures had kicked off with such  seriousness, that those that resumed four to five days later, had lots of notes and topics to cover. I hardly say morning prayers.The whole of my faculty freshmen were merged with those of the faculty of  medical sciences and the little lecture theatre became  super stuffy. So, I have to scurry out of the hostel each morning, just to be able to sit at the front.

    Indeed, school has turned into a busytown. Lectures are  busier than it was last semester and seemingly tougher. We are offering this Bio-practical course that has everything to do with loads and even more loads of drawings. Okay, let’s get things straightened out. I am quite sketchy and before I resumed this semester, I resolved to sharpen my really rustic drawing skills, and now, with all these drawings, I guess I am meant to be happy and maybe even grateful, but I’m not. Why? This isn’t drawing for fun, it’s drawing for marks. Plus, I’m  not drawing what I like (I like imaginative and human drawing). So it’s not fun, it’s annoying; very-very. I had started waking earlier than normal so as to watch some tutorials online and also practice drawing, but then I discovered that I was always browsing about drawing  and or art-related things, even when in class receiving lectures. I had to take a chill pill, relax and plan myself well. Set my priorities right, and be sure of what I wanted. 

    Anyways; no matter how busy your school might get,just hear me out :” We gon’ conqeur busytown!” Yeah!!

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