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One, just One.

I grew up  knowing that intercession is a very vital form of any prayer; even the littlest, shortest form of prayer. Take into account, the Lord's prayer: ".....give US our daily bread". Christ didn't forget to make it plural. It would've been "... give me my daily bread" you feel me?  Good. Mum, always included... Continue Reading →

Chronicles of that lively loner

Hello guys! Today on Chronicles of that lively loner, I thought, I had so far, left many people wondering what these lively loner posts are all about. So, I decided in this post, to let you know about this lively loner . Firstly, the chronicles are a true life story written in and extracted from... Continue Reading →

Chronicles of that lively loner

Source tumblr 3/4/015 It's been long I wrote you. Like what? years ago?! So sorry dear. All through this year, so far, I've been trying to fix things and make things happen while of course involving God. Let's just say I've been doing my part of the work while God's been crowning my efforts with... Continue Reading →

Triple Examination.

It's been a while since I wrote here. I'm so sorry, I've been writing  exams. Hope you guys understand.šŸ˜Š Well, last semester and this, has really kept me and my friends on our toes. Why?  Our freshman year is actually an assessment of our capability to move over to college of Medicine. In my faculty,... Continue Reading →

Edible paints: KALABASA

Honestly, I'm yet to understand the most fascinating thing about Kalabasa's very unique cakes. I'm a huge art lover, a big time creativity activist( yea! I made that up) and a lover of any sweet food.  Basically , am not  a foodie am more of a junkie, but I got everything I wanted in one... Continue Reading →

Inner battle : Missing Dad?

I've witnessed Cancer's strong sting on several occasions. I lost my god-mother to breast cancer, my friend's mum to ovarian cancer and my dad to colon cancer. Well, I don't like talking about my dad. I just don't like talking about him. I try to remain strong by not remembering the good times we had... Continue Reading →

Happy Father’s Day Mum!

Yesterday was Father's Day but I didn't want to make a casual 'Father's Day' post, so I waited till today. Before I start though, I'm writing this post out of pure love and admiration not to draw pity. Oh, God knows I hate getting those pity faces for myself. Now, down to the business. It's... Continue Reading →

The RainsĀ 

#mobilephotography #raindrops Okay! I didn't mean to jump in from nowhere, it's just that the rains has  so beautifully given these leaves a particular, special kind of ZING!. It's almost inexpressible but I'll try to express that feeling. It's a feeling of brightness, of life and of resurrection. These same leaves are leaves I passed... Continue Reading →

Curry Leaves

A small boy came to my hostel to sell some vegetables and as he walked round, he announced his goods, "ugu, green scent leaf, water leaf, curry leaf". He almost sang it like a song. My roommate wanted to buy some curry leaves for her stew and so, stopped the boy. After the boy had... Continue Reading →

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